Map of the Thrillage Trick-or-Treat Trail!

For Halloween this year, in The Village at Wellard the wildly popular "Thrillage at Wellard" will be run as a 'scare house' in the shop next to Red Dot with multiple themed spaces to delight or thrill anyone! 

Kids will be thrilled with a scary 'house' and games for entertainment before or after going Trick-or-Treating, following a map of households participating in this annual tradition! 
Go fill in a short form at to get your house added to the map below, to be several times a day before Halloween...

The Thrillage Trick-or-Treat Trail

We had 1,920 views of the map for this event in 2017 and 2,023 views in 2018.
Will we have more people participate this year? 
* Oct 28th - total views is 4,143 before making this year's map publicly visible  
* Oct 30th - 170 more views in 24 hours since go live.
Oct 31st - 286 by 4pm when Trick-or-Treat started.
2019: 3027 views! Smashed last year's total of 2023 views
With 28 locations around The Village at Wellard, there should be a house welcome Trick-or-Treat within 5 minutes walk of most residents!

Thanks to the people from a house in Leda and 3 houses in Emerald Park too for people near edge of The Village estate to visit.